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kadın partisi

Women’s Party 


The purpose of this Party is never been meant to be a movement of sexual discrimination.   

This is a movement of change, together with women and young people.

The politics, which is toughening more and more, getting personalized while drawn away from affection, tolerance and being insensitive to fundamental problems of the society, is faulty.  At the point reached, women and youth interference  is critical and essential of all times.  

Women’s Party is demanding change of  the political rant system, to have a liberal democracy where the women and young people become esteemed members of the economic, social and political life.  As this has been implemented, the Party adopts an innovative and evolutionary line and  being radical and brave in meanwhile.

Women’s Party is not an elite society; it represents all the segments and the stratum of the society. 

One of the main aims of the Women’s Party is to consider all the diverse colors of national politics as a part of democracy and cultivate a country where all the people would live equally and in peace, regardless of their origin and belief.

Main Headings of WP Politics is as follows in brief:

  • Women’s Party stands for system of “PARITY”, which ensures the equality in “STATUS AND RESULTS” among men and women.
  • Deals in politics, which is non violent, debonair, radical, modest, embracing the whole society, problem solving instead of  punitive, depending on volunteerism
  • Accepts all the people of our country with their all diverse colors and regardless of their origin and belief, deal in politics to give them a life which is more justly, more egalitarian, more liberal,  more democratic and more prosperous.
  • Accepts the human rights and freedom of thought as basic ideas’ indispensable
  • Women’s Party has its own specific place in political spectrum which is defined as libertarian, egalitarian and in the center redefined by itself.  It is unlike to any other political party.   It does not accept to go along with the classical politic structure, considers trying and applying innovative ideas.
  • Produce politics on mentality change which creates awareness of the social structure that feeds all kinds of discrimination, violance, sexual harassment, insulting  and humiliating matters against women.  
  • Women’s Party stands up for equality among men and women in all aspects.  It regards woman's movement as one of her primary roots.  Therefore stands up for social security systems that depend on legal individual rights.   It supports application of positive discrimination in order to eliminate inequity.
  • Women’s Party, as intervening in not just the problems of women and young people but all the country matters, it is the first political constitution in our country and most probably in the world.
  • Underlines that “laicism” is a very important for women. 
  • Defends that, everyone should be able to verbalize their religion and religious sect freely and demands withdrawal of the state from religious education, financing religious events and applications.
  • Struggle with all kinds of discrimination, injustice, poverty, deprivation and unlawfulness in the society.
  • Defends for ensuring of free and continuous 12 years of formal education, which is required by everyone for personal development and involvement in social life.
  • Women’s Party believes in unification of education, favors equal opportunity in education and against all kinds of elitist exclusivity.  
  • Women’s Party struggles for abandoning the current education system and replacing it with a system in accordance with the children’s ideals and talents.
  • Women’s Party demands for shaping up all institutional, monetary and cultural environmental conditions, throughout the whole educational lifetime starting from kindergarten, such that everyone can be able to make use of and advance their abilities and talents.  
  • Women’s Party demands for more investment done on nursery schools, free-of-charge kindergartens and educational standards of full-time day-care centers. These kinds of enhancements assure equal educational conditions for all children, especially for the girls.
  • Struggles for basic problems of women and children that work in agriculture
  • Initiates universal standards for the ecology, environmental rights, natural habitat, wetlands, shores and animal rights and stand up for their major policies. 
  • Supports to endeavor on r&d regarding energy (including energy policies of the country, being against the nuclear power, renewable energy, standing up against the big dams and thermal power plants, finding alternatives to petroleum, energy efficiency) 
  • Women’s Party is an 100 % local political constitution.  It is never a copier and can go through fire and water for its country (It has no other aim than serving for its country.)
  • Everyone who wants people to live together under more peaceful, more fair, more ecological and more social conditions in Turkey also, are invited to join for to give a helping hand in the formation of the new party.


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